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Tobi Olorunsola – Mo Wá

Mo Wá SONG by Tobi Olorunsola

Mo Wá by Tobi Olorunsola

Nigerian Renowned Gospel artist Tobi Olorunsola released a new single again this month titled “Mo Wa”

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Mo Wá by Tobi Olorunsola Lyrics
My Redeemer, My Helper, My Deliverer
My Healer, My Strength, My Stay

My Provider, My Promoter, My Present Help
My Sustainer, My Hope, My Rock

Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa O wa o
Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa.(I’ve come to see You)

Soloist Worshipping in tongues

Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa O wa o
Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa. 2x
(I’ve come to see You)

Soloists calling God’s beautiful Names

Baba mi (My Father)
Iranlowo Alaileyan ati Iranlowo enitoleyan( The Help of the helpless and the Help of the helped)
Baba mi toto loore(My Father, The more than enough Blessing)
Oloore tio legbe (Incomparable Blessing)
Oore gbogbo iseju(The Blessing of every minutes)
Asoore toni tunse tola( The One who blesses today and still blesses tommorrow)
tio figbakan dawo oore duro( The Kind who never stops blessing us)
tin rojo nigba eerun,(The God that can bring rain in dry season)
Oba tin darojo fun ni nigba eerun(The ONE who can give rain to just an individual in a dry season)
Onile gbogbo eda(The Landlord of every being)
Oba tokole ti gbogbo wa ngbe(The One built the House we all live)
Alaso asiri (Our Confidant)
Oluranlowo awon tin sunkun ikoko( The Help of those who shed secret tears)
Oba tin fi iranlowo nu omije eni nu( The One wipe tears with Divine Help)
Oba toto sato laajin(The King we can run to in the middle of the night)
Olugbeja awon ti a nilara(The One who fights for the oppressed)
Oba tin so ekun ikoko di erin gbangban(The one who turns secret tears to open )
Awawatan Oludumare(Unsearchable God)
Ogbetokatayaniyawo( The Husband of both Husband and wife)
Oko awon oko( The Husband of Husbands)
Afunilomolaigbowo(The One who gives Children without charges)
Baba tin so omo di Baba(The Father who turns His Son to a father)
Asomo di olomo( The One who turns a child to a parent)
Afunilomobanito( The One who gives Children and Helps to raise them)
Adurotini mafinisile ( God who never leaves us)
Abiamo boja gborogbo (
Aponmo tomo ijabo leyin e( The One backs a child and the child does not fall)
wa(The Hope of our tommorrow)
Ojo toto darade(The Tommorrow we cab rely on)
Lowo lowo iranlowo( A very present Help)
Atoowa( The One who is worthy to be sort)
Kabiesi(Your Majesty)

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Mo de Mo de Oluranlowo mi o(I’m here my Helper)
Mo de wa ramilowo(4x)(I’m here, Help me)

Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa O wa o
Mo wa Mo wa Mo wa.
(I’ve come to see you)

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