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African Music Timi Dakolo – Wish Me Well

Timi Dakolo – Wish Me Well

Timi Dakolo - Wish Me Well

Wish Me Well SONG by Timi Dakolo

Now Out, Renowned Christian artist drops a new mp3 single + it’s official music video titled “Wish Me Well”

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Wish Me Well Lyrics
[Verse 1: Timi Dakolo]

I packed my bags
I’m leaving town
I bought a one way ticket
I ain’t coming back
Its goodbye friends,and goodbye folks
I’m heading for the city
And that’s my home

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And goodbye Mama
Please don’t cry
I can’t stay
Don’t ask me why
I got no money just hopes and dreams
I’m gonna find my destiny

I heard about life, life in the city
Said that’s where all dreams come true
I’m gonna work hard in the city
So wish me well
Wish me well

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I’m gonna be a famous superstar
I’m gonna drive a big o’fancy car
Fly my own plane all across this world
And when the time is right..
Find myself a girl

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