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Steven Curtis Chapman – That’s My Dad

That’s My Dad SONG by

American gospel artist release a song with the official live performance music video titled “That is My Dad”

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Steven Curtis Chapman That’s My Dad Lyrics:
That’s my dad third from the left, second row
With a smile on his face
anda hole in his heart
Where a dad of his own should go
And a hardworking mom raisin his big brother and him
The best way she knows
But he’s gonna figure it out…
‘Cause that’s my dad

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That’s my dad kneeling underneath the old oak tree
Sayin’ God you know I’m a mess
And that girl would be the best gift you could ever give me
Now he fixes cars,
sings & picks a guitar
Does whatever it takes to get the ends to meet
Soft heart and calloused hands
That’s my dad

I watched him make mistakes and I heard him say I’m sorry
I watched him make a stranger feel like a good friend
If you ask he’d be the first to say he’s far from perfect
But still if you ask me who my hero’s always

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That’s my dad…slowin’ down a little bit
But his eyes still shine just as bright and kind as they ever did
And he calls me up just to say he loves me and ask
me how I’ve been
And he’ll say remember when and tell that story again
He’s told me a hundred times and we’ll laugh until we cry
Then he’ll say I’ll let ya go but before I do
Let me say a little prayer with you
And we’ll talk to God and I’ll remember how grateful I am
That’s my dad

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