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Social Club Misfits – God On My Side

God On My Side SONG by

American Contemporary Gospel Group released a single with the song official music video titled “God On My Side”

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God On My Side by Social Club Misfits Lyrics
I was happy just being myself
I know who to call when I need help
I talk to God I ain’t talking to myself
And when I do that
Now I’m back to feeling good again
Why they label me a hooligan
If you took an L it feels so good to win
I got God on my side

I don’t wanna see anything that’s not you
I won’t even go I don’t care if that’s rude
But I meant it tho
I pray to God He never lets me go
You know how bad I get on my own
Driving in a V6
I don’t need to take pics
I don’t even need to flex
Need God when I’m blessed
Not just when I’m down
Wrote this for myself
I can’t do this alone no no no

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When I’m low, and I need a lift (yeah, yeah)
On my own, I won’t make it here
I can’t balance it, in the night I’m battling
But I talk to God again, then I know just who I am
I feel free when I’m just being myself
I remember 2018 almost drove off of the rails
I can see you in my dreams it’s a beautiful scene
I had faith and just believed I can feel it now I’m healed
Yeah yeah

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Sometimes I can be more honest than I’m gracious
Should be present but I’m often in the future like a spaceship
Worried when I know that God will take care of my situations I’m facing, I’m placing all of my trust in the One who made me
Location don’t matter I’m covered wherever I go
Chicago down to LA, even in New York, Ohio, Atlanta
My people prospering this is street revival
Or renaissance if you will
We recommend that you chill
In goodwill, and that’s real, huhhh

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