Foreign Music Sarah Reeves – Sentimental

Sarah Reeves – Sentimental

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Sarah Reeves Sentimental Lyrics
Whole world outside covered in ice
Under the tree wrapped-up surprise
Puts a lump in my throat tears in my eyes can’t tell you why
I just get sentimental

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The kids are upstairs trying to sleep
Their hearts must be full of too many dreams
And when I see how they believe it really does something to me
I just get sentimental

Call me romantic and hopeless
But everything’s right in this moment
The hardest of hearts even notice
There’s love in the air this time of year

Nowhere to be nowhere to go
Just you and me no place like home
Carols and bells twinkling lights it’s a wonderful life
I just get sentimental
Can’t help but be sentimental

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Whole world outside covered in ice
But it’s warm in here isn’t it nice
Maybe it’s me what can I say December finds me this way
I just get sentimental
Can’t help but be sentimental

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