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African Gospel artist release a new song with the official music video titled “Rora Final”

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Sarah K Rora Lyrics:
Rora na iguru
(Look up)
Rora Rora uhone ii
(Look and you shall be healed)
Rora na iguru ii
(Look up)
Rora Jesu akuhonie
(Look to Jesus and be healed)

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Ni hari muoyo hari uria wambirwo
(There is life in abundance in Him who was crucified)
Ni hari gutura kuriuria ukurora
(And there will be life by lookin unto Him)
Tiga kurora mwena
(Do not focus elsewhere)
Rora, Rora na iguru
(Look, look up)

Guoya ona kwimena
(Fear and self-hatred)
Gutetia Ngai itingiguteithia
(Complaining to God can never be helpful)
Arahuka naugie na hinya
(Arise in Strength)
Rora, Rora uhone
(Look and be healed)

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Nikio ndugathanganie
(Therefore do not waver in faith)
Jesu aroiga ndugathanganie
(Jesus says waver not)
Ukimurora ndugathanganie
(As you look unto Him waver not)
Oma Oma niukuhona
(And you shall be healed)

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