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Ryan Stevenson – My ‘90s

My ‘90s SONG by  

American Christian Artist release a song with the official music video titled “My ‘90s”

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Ryan Stevenson My ‘90s Lyrics:
Pelican Cinema Friday night, fresh cut bowl lookin’ pretty fly
Silverado, senior year, California Love on the Pioneer
Ace of Base, Roxette, CD’s replacing my cassettes
It’s so ironic Morrisette, why Sinead gotta shave her head
The king of pop, wearing diamond socks, moon walkin’ across the stage
Five-O followin’ the Bronco, chasing OJ down the freeway

It was all about that peg leggin’, stone washed jeans
All the girls crimping their hair, rocking big hoop earrings
Ain’t got no cellular phone, just my Obsession cologne
No it might not have been your teenage dream, but That was my ‘90s
That was my ‘90s

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Billabong, Bugle Boy, Quicksilvers in the corduroy
Emporium and the Bon Marche, that where I got my Union Bays
K- Swiss, J’s and Docs, Reebok Pumps and Birkenstocks
Turtlenecks and eye brow slits, come and get a look at my frosted tips
Blame it on the rain was so insane when we found out it was fake
Rachel thought that she hated Ross, but he thought they were on a break

Shawshank, Point Break, Forrest Gump and Gilbert Grape, ay …
Happy Gilmore changed the way everybody went to the driving range
Eyes wet, what the heck, Romeo & Juliet
Claire Danes with the angel wings, hold on a sec, she’s a capulet
Winslet, purple stone, girl you gotta be freezing cold
Titanic came and wrecked us all, Dicaprio (look out below)
Big gulps at the Circle-K, Aspen Lloyd is on the way
These pooches are an hour late, and Petey’s head fell off today
Take a swig of that turbo lax, put your heart in a doggie bag
Get my pills I’m gonna croak, those hot peppers were just a joke
Samsonite lets take a loan, red Ferraris in the snow
Soup with the laid-back country folk, Mockingbird not the radio

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