African Music Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’wojo

Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’wojo

Dojima n’wojo SONG by ft Abigail Omonu

African Gospel Artist and Abigail Omonu released a single with the live performance music video of the song titled “Dojima n’wojo”

Stay blessed as you stream and Download this amazing mp3 audio single for free and don’t forget to drop your comment using the comment box below thanks. #gospeljingle


Dojima n’wojo by Prospa Ochimana Lyrics
[Verse 1]
If it had not been you
Who’s been on my side
If it had not been you
Who never let me go
I would have been prey to the enemies
I could have fallen by the way side

So let us Dojima n’wOjo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah
Dojima n’wOjo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah
Dojima ñwu Jehovah

[Chorus – Translation]
Glorify God,
Glorify Jehovah

So let us…
Dojima nwu My Father
My way maker Lord
So let us Dojima nwu
Achelekim akicha
So let us Dojima nwu babami oh

{So let us Dojima ñwojo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah
Dojima ñwojo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah} [Repeat]

[Verse 2]
Ae Ae abunaguwe kade
Todu Ejumomi ogbajejewe òjòmi o
Todu edeju komi dejui òjómi o
Ukòchè adugwa gwoko
Otubè adugwa gwaji
Onè kójó chòna agwachóna wun oo

Òkañi adolikimaba
Ucha kimahiewun etu
Apata kòduma gwa
Akpabana kpaómamanya
Ubiòkò kialioganohimini
Ejòna kimkenòló

Akpabana kpaòmamanya òjòmi o
Okpologidi òkò kiachajigodogodo
Idu chokowuya kailo ki bòmajòdè
Otemeje jihofa Agaba
Dojima Ojima Ojima Ojima

Dojima N’wojo – Prospa Ochimana
[Verse 2 – Translation]
Ae Ae how else can I great you
Because of your overwhelming mercies my God
Because of your preservation my God
Even the hoe greets the farm
The pot greets the river
How much more will man greet his maker
The Axe head that is never blunt
The pot that cooks well
The Rock the cannot be shattered
Master of the Thunder and lightning
Base of the boat that sees the sea
Road that permits even the disabled
The Ruler of the Thunder and Lightning
That ship the ripples the ocean
The Lion that roars
And frightens the hunters
Big big God Jehovah the King
Take the glory, glory, glory and glory

{Dojima ñwojo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah
Dojima ñwojo
Dojima ñwu Jehovah} [Repeat]


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