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Propaganda x Derek Minor – Contradiction

Contradiction SONG by x ft.

American Christian HipPop Artist and release a single titled “Contradiction” featuring

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Propaganda & Derek Minor Contradiction Lyrics:
Imma let you down a few times before we’re through.
I’mma say a couple things that probably really ain’t true.
I’m a sort of kind a mortify you. fortify you pick a fight.
Over something silly imma prolly lose my cool.
My excuse, I’m a 3 wit a 2 wing. A West coast demigod one many earthlings.
An unfit synagog
A one trick silly dog
A dumb kid son of God
I don did been a fraud
I’m the same man that step on stage and rain dance man Givens is still my main me and Eulogy still got same plan to step
To step in to the future
Don’t let my energy fool ya
I still hold only to the only holy to keep home from filosa did I lose you?

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Contradiction. Feel like I’m just at war with myself.

Imma struggling workaholic
I’m call it I can’t call in sick
I can’t stop it needed 4 cups of coffee
To accomplish this
I’m still talking to prove point ain’t listening
I built humble beast but my pride is still creepin in.
I stay trippin i blame others for my predicaments
I cut corners I judge friends for not checking in.
I preach grace but pick and choose who still lives in sin
I sneak diss, then dismiss like I’m just kidding
A grown man wit 2 kids still trying to fit in
I still long to belong that’s why I’m tripping
I’m insecure I’m fake pure. Ain’t repented
My red couch is full doubt con-fusion

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