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Propaganda x Derek Minor – Comments

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American Christian HipPop Artist and release a single titled “Comments”

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Propaganda & Derek Minor Comments Lyrics:
I’m just here for the comments,
I don’t even whats Wrong wit y’all?
I ain’t mad at all
Trust me I’m so uninvolved.
Life if so more that y’all.

I’m just here for the comments
binary statements made me vomit
It’s a beautiful day man is rather go play outside if being honest.
And anything I say won’t
convince you anyway (nope)
Oh i i got it.
You opinion god sent. Everyone wrong this gettin awkward
Information cycle So polarizing The barrage is constant
I beseech you it’s so beneath to believe that Nonsense
Getting baited into debate that end you and y’all can’t stop it.
The shocking optics y’all think it’s
is God sent?

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This ain’t good for our souls,
This won’t give us our goals.
People are more
People weird
OPeople are complex
Y’all don’t even hear
Bate and switch us
Russian bots
The hate that’s in us
Fails then not
The pains real but
Be we gotta stop
Nevermind please just post more memes.

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I’m just here for the comments

Nooo nooo nooo noo
Don’t take the clickbait!
They get checks when we debate
This ain’t deep state
Some of that new fake
But some of it’s true
Some of its real
we all gotta deal

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