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Propaganda x Derek Minor – Change

Change SONG by x Ft.  

American Christian HipPop Artist and release a single titled “Change” featuring

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Propaganda & Derek Minor Change Lyrics:
I’ve been thinking bout us trying to get an assessment
How we got here and can we learn some lessons,
The strength of our spirit in the season testing
We 3D printing weapons?!

Suffice to say we in a crisis of culture.
Living in our silos. Being bad neighbors.
War zone nations, high water and hell come. family escapes we tell um they ain’t welcome?
We should tear down these Babel towers, welcome home grab a seat we could chill for hours.
Understand that we can’t have homeland security until we understand that the whole land is our homeland

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Chorus: Change. Something somethings gonna change.

I ain’t never been the type to be a slave to the talking points
Don’t be on the wrong side of any way rocket rocket points
Buckle up settle down smoke em if you got um bro. Navigate the globe through liquor store windows can’t hear reason when ya selfish screams. Can’t do it alone man you need that team.
We need to to stop civil war
We need to pay the ladies more
Listen to our daughters
Flint need water
Lord have mercy we ignored the thirsty
Protect our children maybe they still worthy?
Move over let’s do a do over,
Find stranger, hug them and call them neighbor.

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Bridge: Are we all waiting for somebody else.
To do the saving we take care of our self.

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