Audio Music Grace Songs – It’s All About You

Grace Songs – It’s All About You

Grace Songs It's All About You

It’s All About You MUSIC by : Download this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled It’s All About You mp3 by a renowned & anointed Christian music artist

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Grace Songs It’s All About You Lyrics
Verse 1:
Nothing more but you
You are all I think about
You are all I sing about
No one else would do
You are everything I want
And when I am with you
Nothing else matters
There is this hunger
in my heart, that keeps me wanting more of you
This is my passion
I feel the power of the Holy Ghost like electric shocks, I love this feeling, it is all I need to keep me going on…
It’s more than music,
It’s the only thing I’m living for….

It’s all about you
Not about me
It’s not about the rhymes
It’s not about the sound
It’s all about you….
It’s all about you……

Verse 2:
It’s in you I live
It’s in you I have my being
Nothing else can satisfy
I’m in love with you
All my heart belongs to you, and when I close my eyes, you’re all I want to see, There is this something about you that keeps me chasing after you, I feel your presence in my veins and it turns me on and on I can never have enough,
I love this feeling
It’s all I need to keep me going on, you are my desire, you’re the only one I’m living for….. ( Back to chorus)

Every breath I take
Is all about you
Every move I make
Is all about you
Every step I take
Is all about you
Everywhere I go
Is all about you
Everytime I sing
Is all about you
Everything I say
Is all about you
I can never do anything without you, my is all about you


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