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Lyrics for F.A.V.O.R song by
One (One), two (Two)
One, two
I was too afraid to believe it
Or not good enough to receive it (Uh)
My season’s gone, so why do I need it?
This one’s the story of my life
(Come on)

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Told so much that I wasn’t worthy
I even tried love, but then love hurt me (Uh huh)
I shouted, but though God never heard me
I became the victim of my lies
(See, the truth is)
See, everybody goes through the fire
But not everyone comes out like whole
I started low and God took me higher
(Thank you)
He gets the praise and the world will know

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(They will know)
I will live, and not die
I will win with tears in my eyes
I’ll be judged and criticized
Only by those too afraid to try (Woo)
I’m living in blessings and favor (Favor)

See God exchange my pain for something greater for me
Right now,…

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