Foreign Music Misty Edwards – When You Think of Me

Misty Edwards – When You Think of Me

When You Think of Me SONG by

American Worhsip Minister released a single with the live performance music video of the song titled “When You Think of Me”

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When You Think of Me by Misty Edwards Lyrics
We wanna hear Your heartbeat, Lord
‘Cause You’re the one we’re gonna live with forever
We will never die
Because of Your great mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy

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When You think of me
When You hear my name
When You see my face
Let it be with mercy
When thoughts of me
Come to Your memory
Or my story told
Let it be mercy

[Verse 1]
Don’t remember me
According to my sin
But remember me
With compassion
When my voice is heard
Around Your throne
Let it strike Your heart
With love alone

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