African Music Mike AbduL – You No Dey Look Face

Mike AbduL – You No Dey Look Face

You No Dey Look Face SONG by Mike AbduL

Now Out, Renowned Christian artist released a new mp3 single and it’s official music video titled “You No Dey Look Face”

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You No Dey Look Face Lyrics
You No Dey Form Say You Too Busy
Anytime I Call Upon You Answer
You Show Me Love, So Much Love
Jehovah No Dey Fall My Hand.

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You No Dey Look Face
You Too Dey Show Grace
When You Save, It’s Not According To Race
Your Favour Is Not Given By Social Status Or Family Name.

Extreme Grace, Why Not If Not
I Sidon Chop Grace, It’s Not My Fault
Chop Clean Face, Clean Slate, New Fate
Your Mercy Is My Lifter I Win The Race.

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This Life Is Not Balanced, A Common Phrase
You Brought The Balance, Your Son You Gave
He Took The Shame, The Pain, The Grave
I’m Risen, I Live The Life He Gave.

To Everyone Who Seeks Your Face
You Reserve The Grace They Don’t Deserve
How Can They Be Holy Before Arrival

Come As You Are, God No Dey Look Face.

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