African Music Mahalia Buchanan – You Love Me

Mahalia Buchanan – You Love Me

Mahalia Buchanan - You Love Me
You Love Me SONG by

Checkout this new mp3 song + Lyrics & it’s official music video titled You Love Me by a popular christian artist Mahalia Buchanan.

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Mahalia Buchanan You Love Me Lyrics
Your Love is greater
Your Love captured me,
Covering Me, Oh God
I am secure in Your Love (Repeat)

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Who loves like You, Lord?
Beyond my thoughts
You still choose me,
Each day, oh God for
Your Love is stronger
Your Love is better

You love me! x2
And I’m so amazed! (Repeat)

(When I am weak) You keep me,
Growing stronger
And I am so amazed (Repeat)

Ngiyabonga (Thank You)
Ngothando lungaka (Your Love is amazing)
Msindisi wam’ (Oh My Savior) (Repeat)

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Ngiyabonga! Jesu Wami (Thank You, My Jesus)
Ngiyaboga! (Thank You)

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