Foreign Music Ledger – Not Dead Yet

Ledger – Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet MUSIC by Ledger ; Download this brand new amazing single + the Lyrics of the song along with the official music video performance titled mp3 by an anointed renowned Christian group band

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Not Dead Yet Lyrics
Called to the ring
Taking me round by round
It hurts and it stings
Taking me down, down, down

You think that you caught me
I can hear you taunt me
Fractured and I’m falling down
My enemy is watching me bleed

I’m not dead yet
So watch me burn
Go on trying, lying, you’re so sure
I may be broken
But I’m not done
I’ll go on fighting, while there’s breath in my lungs
Cause I’m not dead yet
No I’m not dead yet

You wait for the day
That I’ll be counted out
You stand at my grave
Already breaking ground

But I don’t think you know me
There’s a side you don’t see
Been to hell and made it out
My enemy, Ill watch you bleed

I’m still awake
I won’t go away
It’s gonna take more than you can bring

Calling my name
Heavens calling my name

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