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Foreign Music Kim Walker-Smith – My King Forever

Kim Walker-Smith – My King Forever

My King Forever SONG by Ft. Molly Williams

American Gospel Artist and Molly Williams released a single from her REVIVAL NIGHTS ALBUM with the live performance music video titled “My King Forever”

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My King Forever BY Kim Walker-Smith Lyrics
You gave Your life for mine
Nailed to the cross
You crucified all my sin and shame
It was washed by Your mercy

You are the treasure I find
My reason for living
So let my life become an offering
To the One who is worthy

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All praise to the Lord most high
All praise to The One who saved my life
All praise to Jesus Christ
High King of Heaven
My King forever

You stormed the gates of my heart
The veil in between was torn apart
Now You hold the keys to the grave
Cause You bring things to life
You roll stones away

I lift my hands up
Lay my whole life down
My whole life down before You

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You’re my King forever
The One who saved me
The One who healed me
The One who pulled me out of a mighty big pit
The One who loved me, the One who showed me
Everything He had for me

My King forever
We praise You tonight Jesus
All You’ve done for us
For what You brought us through
You’re our peace, You’re our King
We surrender again to You Jesus
I surrender again, we surrender again, I surrender again to you Jesus

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