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Kierra Sheard – Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind SONG by

American Gospel Artist released a single with the song live performance music video titled “Out of My Mind”

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Out of My Mind by Kierra Sheard Lyrics
[Verse 1: Kierra Sheard]
Nobody knows, nobody feels what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling
It gets hard sometimes when I wanted to express my mind
Did I say what I mean? Did I mean what I say?
Will I have to pay for the thoughts I conveyed?

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[Chorus: Kierra Sheard]
Oh, I gotta get outta my mind
Oh, gotta get outta my mind

[Bridge: Kierra Sheard]
I tell myself, “Please come out”
But sometimes I just don’t know how
Afraid of what they think of me
If they have dual reality
I mean, it’s my reality
I want my mama proud of me
Coachella and the Grammys
But do you think I’m crazy?

[Verse 2: Camper]
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t
I just gotta get outta my mind
It’s time for me to fly

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[Bridge: Kierra Sheard]
What if I’m losing my religion?
Like, what if I only had some questions?
Wait no, I’m not losing my religion
See, you misunderstood me, probably think I’m crazy
I still bеlieve
You said the Son has savеd me
I believe
I believe
[Chorus: Kierra Sheard]
He gives me answers in my mind
Are there answers in my mind?
Should I get out of my mind?
Oh, should I get out of my mind?
Should I get out of my mind?

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