Foreign Music KB – Lil Boy

KB – Lil Boy

Lil Boy MUSIC by : Download this brand new amazing single + the Lyrics of the song along with the official music video performance titled Lil Boy mp3 by a renowned & anointed Christian artist

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KB Lil Boy Lyrics
Watch out lil boy, yeah
Man at the door, go somewhere, play with your toys
We saw your Porsche, uh, award you no points, I should clap ’cause you flex on the poor?
Watch out lil boy, yeah
Army of course, that’s why I brag on my fort and I’m teachin’ my boys
Grind up and hire yourself, that way you cannot be unemployed
I will not be ignored
Yeah, you can’t afford, pay me to lower my voice, persistent and poised, yeah
You can be Floyd, I’d rather go be the boys
Watch out lil boy, yeah
Switched to a major, but I’ve never switched up the course
Ain’t leavin’ the Lord, huh
I’m like a journalist, I’ll never give up my source
Watch out lil, boy

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Watch out lil boy, yeah
I’m on them next, say what I say with my chest
Tuck your baguettes, yeah
All of that drip on your neck, we don’t tell you that drip turn to drowning in debt, yeah
Go get a check, make sure get some respect, teach us how you invest, stream and collect
Protecting the kings and the queens, I guess I’m out here playin’ chess, yeah
God got a plan, stand up and act like a man
Don’t play with that girl, don’t throw your hat in the ring if you’ll never put a ring on her hand
We go and cleave, only death makin’ us leave
And when the grass isn’t green I get water and seeds
She is the league, she don’t compete, I don’t care what they got up on IG, yeah
I come in peace, but I’m not gon’ play with you G, I only listen to the Jes’
They told us get our degree, nothin’ out here that you wanna be, this is true to the streets, yeah
I just believe we won’t become what we see, tryna show you a King
You played it, man, you keep it movin’, let them disagree
Like watch out lil boy, yeah
Applying the force, yeah, stayin’ the course
Makin’ some noise, yeah, I been trainin’ all-day
You can say I’m all aboard
Watch out lil boy
Yeah, squad goin’ nuts, watch the crowd go Almond Joy
Face to the floor, yeah, last time I check, the mission can never be void
Watch out lil, woo

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