– Holy Spirit

Nigerian gospel minister release a brand new powerful worship single titled “Holy Spirit”

The song “Holy Spirit” re-expose you to the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer wich is pivotal to the race for eternity without which a believer cannot make it. He quickens, comforts, empowers and teaches one to accomplish the great commission.

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The song is part of Joel Papka’s album which is made up of seven tracts namely Holy Spirit, Lord you are welcome, Destiny, Mu Yi Lura, Everlasting Rock, Yesu za ya Iya and Dzar Dunya (by Mav Studio).

Download and enjoy Holy Spirit by Joel Papka


Lyrics: Joel Papka – Holy Spirit
ALL: You are beautiful beyond all description. Jesus bright and Morning star. You are beautiful beyond all the thoughts of men. Gracious God you reign forever more. We bow before you Lord. You alone art worthy King.Elohim, Prince of peace you reign

BU: We praise you, Lord. We worship you. You alone awesome is your name. We praise you, Lord. We worship you.
King of Kings Lord of lords you reign. Great and mighty God

LV: If you believe that can you jump up and give God the Praise. Great and Mighty God

ALL: Your glory always shines on me. Your mercies always upon me. Your arms always open wide for me, for me. That is why I worship you. That is why I praise your name.

BU (Back to Chorus)
Great and Mighty God

LV: Halleluyah
Great and mighty God

LV: Let’s wave and bless the name of the Lord this hour
Great and mighty God

LV: You are great. You are great. God
Great and mighty God

LV: Thank you, God.

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