Foreign Music Jeremy Camp – When You Speak

Jeremy Camp – When You Speak

When You Speak SONG by

American Renowned Gospel Artist released a single with the live performance music video of the song titled “When You Speak”

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When You Speak BY Jeremy Camp Lyrics
I find
It’s always the lie that is loudest
I know the One with the power
Is never the One who is shoutin’
I lean in
I know that I need to listen
Through all of the thunder you whisper
Even in doubt You are with me

Like a love song that I’ve always known
Your word hits me deep inside my soul

When You speak
I’m found in the sound of Peace Be Still
The wind and the waves bow to Your will
You drown my fear with a love more real
Than anything, anything I feel
When You speak
When You speak

I know
You’re not the God of confusion
Why do I feel like I’m losin’
My mind
Every time
I can’t see what You’re doin’

It’s a holy melody
Set in Heaven’s perfect key
Redemption’s frequency
Healing me, Healing me
It’s the Father whispering
Mercy over every need
Breaking through and breaking free
Healing me, it’s healing me

When you speak
When You speak


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