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Foreign Music Hulvey – Coma

Hulvey – Coma

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Hulvey Coma Lyrics
Don’t want to miss
His eyes closed in a coma, can it be lifted?
He nods out in the ocean, just driftin’
Just driftin’, driftin’, driftin’
The clouds are gettin’ darker, the waves are crashin’ harder
The lightning cracks as his body’s tossed through the water
The atmosphere is screaming, the end is surely speaking
I don’t understand this, tell me how he still breathin’
In the midst of sudden joy, rings inside his chest
Enough to call a million waves and raise him from his rest
He opens up his еyes, he sees an unfamiliar sight
Everything is still, bеhold, the morning light
Pink skies risin’, he’s back on the shore
He tries to recollect what happened, but he’s still unsure
And to this day nobody knows how he made it out alive
Behold the morning light, the sun has arrived

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I just gotta make it to the morning
Make it to the morning
Got to make it to the morning
I just gotta make it to the morning

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