Foreign Music Hillsong Worship – Bright As The Sun

Hillsong Worship – Bright As The Sun

Bright As The Sun SONG by

Australian Gospel Group released a single with the live performance music video of the song titled “Bright As The Sun ”

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Bright As The Sun BY Hillsong Lyrics
O how sweet did You gaze
On my perilous heart
To befriend me to my bitter end
And carry the burden

For as graven my failure
You prevailed in pure love
To be found in the depths of Your heart
As good as forgiven

O how You graced that cross
Where Jesus died and death took the loss
Wild as the floodgates of heaven
Flung wide open within His scars

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Now mine is the life You raised
Yours the glory that took down that grave
Bright as the sun almighty in love
God forever Your Kingdom come

O how sweet is the sound
Of a heart drenched in grace
Rising up from the ashes in praise
Alive to Your greatness

Hope as brazen as mercy
Through the terrible night
How You blaze through the darkness I fight
Bright as the morning

My heart burns wild in my chest
In awe of Your heart in all that You are
Let Your praise run wild on my breath
In awe of Your heart I’ll sing it again

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Till my heart beats out of my chest
I’ll sing of Your love in awe of Your heart
Till Your praise is all I have left
I’ll sing of Your love again and again

Bright as the sun
Let us see Your Kingdom come
Bright as the sun
Have Your way Your Kingdom come

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