Foreign Music Switch foot – California Christmas

Switch foot – California Christmas

California Christmas by Switchfoot

  • Artist: Switchfoot
  • Song Title: California Christmas
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Released: 2022

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled California Christmas from THIS IS OUR CHRISTMAS ALBUM by a mulitple award winning hip hop recording artist Switchfoot

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Switchfoot California Christmas Lyrics
Welcome to my California Christmas
Twinkling lights on all the fake palm trees
The only snow that falls
Is the fake stuff at the mall
Bathing suits and 85 degrees (ah-ah-ah)
Welcome to my California Christmas (welcome to my California)
The skies are blue, the sun is warm and bright (skies are blue, the sun is warm and bright)
When Santa Claus makes the drive (ah)
Stuck in traffic on the five (ba-ba-ba-ba)
It’s a California Christmas Eve
So grab a Christmas tree
I’ll meet you down the beach
Plant your mistletoes in the sand right next to me
‘Cause that Pacific breeze
Is gonna set you free
I’ll be wishing you a California, California
Welcome to my California Christmas (welcome to West Coast Christmas)
The avocado groves and graffiti kings (avocados, avocados)
The Grammy’s fight for waves
As the sunset melts away
Garage rock evening filled with broken strings (ba-ba-ba-ba)
So don’t go all the way
From out in east L.A (ah-ah)
Down the coast in your Camaro Christmas sleigh
Ring the Christmas bell
Gonna let the whole town down (ah-ah-ah)
And I’ll be wishing you a California, California
Christmas (aah)
Put up a tree at your favorite beach with a smoothie
Throw your board in the car in case there’s a Christmas swell
There’ll be booze and sunshine and seagulls and maybe jacuzzis
Strike up the band, toes in the sand
Ringing the Christmas bells, yeah
Santa hat and shades are so passé
What a Californian thing to say (ooh)
The Día de los Reyes (ooh)
The Pasadena Rose Parade (ooh)
The best of west coast seasonal clichés (ooh)
Throw your Christmas tree (aah)
Up on your SUV (aah)
Make your plans in the Pacific sand and set them free (aah)
Hang your Christmas lights (aah)
And make the season bright (aah)
And I’ll be wishing up a California Christmas for ya (aah)


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