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Stormzy – This Is What I Mean

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  • Artist: Stormzy
  • Song Title: This Is What I Mean
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Released: 2023

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled This Is What I Mean by a mulitple award winning hip hop recording artist Stormzy who is known for releasing amazing song that will get you exited and elevate your mood with it’s vibe, catchy hook and incredible production.

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Stormzy This Is What I Mean Lyrics
Oh-oh, why?
It’s a bigger operation (oh, oh)
What’s with all the speculation? (Oh, oh)
Had to close the store for renovations (oh, oh)
My cuz, he said “Stormz’, man, they’re runnin’ out of patience, you know” (oh, oh)
Time to make a statement (oh, oh)
Time to free my mind of limitations (oh, oh)
Finessed the majors, that’s my form of reparations (oh, oh)
They said you can’t slide, you’re a treasure to the nation (oh, oh)
But what they gonna do, what they gonna say? (Oh, oh)
Stormz’ got that sauce, this that bolognese (oh, oh)
Talkin’ ’bout the bread, like it correlates (oh, oh)
I see you lookin’ bothered with your bothered face (oh, oh)
Even though we’re comin’ from a common place (oh, oh)
All I see is stars, like we in a Wraith (oh, oh)
So give him room to grow and just give him space (oh, oh)
And he could be a young, black Jimmy Nates
Oh, this is clean, this is clean (clean)
This is what I mean, I said, this is what I mean, yo
All my niggas got it, we unanimous
Cut from different cloth and different calibers
My skeleton is matchin’ with my managers
She love me, ’cause I’m handsome and I’m talented (boy, boy)
Hangin’ off the banisters
Tell me, who’s gon’ pay for all the damages?
Ah, I’m just reckless, like the mandem is
Talkin’ recky, we gon’ ask you where your manners is
I said it from a kid, you should’ve listened
I manifest the shit and then it happened
Said that I’ma do it, then it happens
P2J up on the rhythm and it’s slappin’
I shout my brother Giggs, that’s more than rappin’
Shout my sister Mel, we doin’ fashion (sheesh)
Ah, all this work that I’ve been mashin’
Put your boy in the position where I profit off my passion, alright
They don’t know about the times I’ve bled
Give a fuck ’bout what the timeline said, I do your day streams
In a second, yeah, I shine like Ed
I thank God for the live I’ve led, then get the Wraith clean
I heard them sayin’ grime ain’t dead
I’m Harry Styles, the way I fine-line tread, you’re goin’ mainstream
Mind your business, ‘fore you mind my bread
If ten million weren’t enough, I make a lifetime pledge, alright (boy)
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
Uh, I can’t address your niggas on the ‘net, they disrespect
They don’t wanna give me my respect, it’s disrespect
A nigga doin’ numbers, what the fuck did you expect?
They charge a nigga fifty every time I miss the jet, ah
I guess I overslept
If she hold me down, then I might buy her a Patek
The mandem hold me back, because they know just how I get
Please, don’t hold my money, man, just wire me my check
I make a pay from your mother, ’cause it’s lots on the beach
White bitches rollin’ in the deep
Nosedivin’ off a yacht, into the sea
Blah, still I keep the blicky on me
Bitch, I’m off that thing already
Uh, uh, you know I’m with a ting already
She is then center fold, a centerpiece
But she might like that chopper sing already, hmm
Bitch, I’m off that thing already
Uh, uh, you know I’m with a ting already
They don’t wanna give me my respect, it’s disrespect
Y’all gon’ have to pay out them banks, fuck a check (um, aight)
I don’t do whose the rapper way
All that cappin’ on the net, I’ll make the mandem blew a cap away
So we just let them niggas out the way
I think I’m Kanye mixed with Donny Hathaway
I heard Sunday’s the new Saturday
We praisin’ God, I watch my enemies evaporate
Hallelujah, to be honest, I could plan and do you
But I gotta rise above it, word to Dan Kaluuya
No chance, buffalo stance on my Neneh Cherry
They wanna see the Michael that they see on telly
You man just remind me of my girl, why you never ready?
I’m the GOAT, but that ain’t nothin’ I ain’t said already
Oh, please, all my enemies are dead and buried
I need that Haagen-Dazs, I need that Ben & Jerry’s
If we do it, then we do it large, I’m on my Kevin Perry
This ain’t the same man who said his head was heavy
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean
This is what I mean


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