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Social Club Misfits – Don’t Leave I’m Sorry

Don’t Leave I'm Sorry by Social Club Misfits

  • Artist: Social Club Misfits
  • Song Title: Don’t Leave I’m Sorry
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2022

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled Don’t Leave I’m Sorry from EVERYONE LOVES A COMEBACK STORY ALBUM by a Renowned and anointed gospel singer & recording artist Cody Carnes

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Social Club Misfits Don’t Leave I’m Sorry Lyrics
God got it under control
Stress got me stuck in a low
I wanna talk to the throne
Before I go pick up a smoke
I’m sick of talking in code
Some Christian’s be doing the most
Can I be real for real people that love God and need hope

How many no’s do we need before I hear yes
How many answered prayers before I feel blessed
How many late nights I need before I get rest
How many missed calls I need before they feel left

Man look at we did, recorded live outta the crib
Neighbors are banging the wall, they hurting their wrist, like give it a rest
I cannot stop it right here, tried to give it a year
Tired of waiting and praying for one day it appears
Who do I fear? God and my girl and nobody here
That goes for all of my peers
That goes for all of my… (whoo, yeah)
Can’t turn the boy into tears
Started out bussin’, I’m hoppin’ on leers
This ain’t a brag ain’t nobody cares
I bring in the drums, I hop on the snare
Keep poppin’ ya gums, see how I appear

(Marty I got it)
I remember we have nothing but we came up cause we stayed down
Everything I’ll have later on cause I prayed, now I don’t play around
I’ve been finding my peace while living my purpose
I’m where grace abounds the key to life is service
Don’t get nervous watch me break it down, lame post tell ’em take it down
Had to cut the grass low so I could see the snakes around, had to shake ’em out
I try to see eye to eye with ’em but the handshakes never match the smile
Mr. 68 and Douglas if you ask around, Hollywood where I craft the sound
From this cloth I’m the last around that’s a fact though
2010 I hopped in, linked up with my dawg, we still spittin’ tracks yo
We did it from the house, took it on the road, international
Did it from the south, this just how we roll
God is control, what y’all talkin’ ’bout, we move too elite
This more than a dream more than a thought more than it seems
Mobb with the team ride with a G
Live energy vibe, you can see we’re tapped in to that God frequency
Faith in abundance I still believe God lives in me, Fernie

Don’t leave I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I don’t trust no, no body
I got scars that I can’t get off me
PTSD I don’t wanna catch a body


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