Foreign Music Indie Tribe – 40 Days

Indie Tribe – 40 Days

Indie Tribe – 40 Days

Audio Music Download Indie Tribe – 40 Days MP3 by Indie Tribe ft. Nobigdyl., DJ Mykael V, Mogli The Iceburg & Jon Keith

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled 40 Days by a Renowned and anointed Christian / Gospel singer and recording music artist Indie Tribe whose mission is to be a blessing many people through kingdom music.

  • Song Title: Mp3 Indie Tribe 40 Days feat. Nobigdyl., DJ Mykael V, Mogli The Iceburg & Jon Keith FREE DOWNLOAD 40 Days by Indie Tribe
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2023
  • Duration: 03:29

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Indie Tribe 40 Days Lyrics
[Intro: DJ Mykael V, nobigdyl.]
Welcome back (Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back)
I know it’s been a minute (I know it’s been a minute, I know it’s been a minute, I know it’s been a minute)
We been busy (We been busy, we been busy, we been busy)
I got a lot to show you (I got a lot to show you, I got a lot to show you, I got a lot to show you)
I’ma be honest though (I’ma be honest though)
​tribe on the move
It ain’t pretty

[Verse 1: Jon Keith]
Say a prayer for me and mine, I got a need to climb
Come and see my daily conversation with the divine
Lately, it just looks a lot more like stayin’ silent
Whether or not I speak really ain’t gon’ change climate
Don’t talk to mе like I don’t clap giants
I’m too gassed up, feel like Joе Biden
Some of y’all passed up, and now you apologizin’
Y’all wanna act up, I wanna act like I ain’t violent
You put it on your kid’s life, how you not slidin’?
I don’t even wanna speak if I can’t stand by it
They showed us what a man was, but I had to redefine it
I’m workin’ on self-control, and bein’ okay with cryin’
Y’all said I’m way off, y’all said I’m backslidin’
How you got eternal life, and still feel like dyin’?
Just ’cause God won, it don’t mean “Stop fightin’!” (Fightin’)
Be who He said I am, man, I’m still tryin’

[Bridge 1: DJ Mykael V & Jon Keith]
How many more times I gotta cry out before You answer?
Man, I’m still tryin’
I’m tired

[Verse 2: nobigdyl.]
Life gettin’ better, but my eyes gettin’ redder (But my eyes gettin’)
My mind feelin’ like a tightrope tether (That’s a tightrope)
One side hell, and the other side heaven (And the other side)
One man’s L, that’s another man’s lesson
Bread gon’ rise with a little bit of leaven (Just a little bit)
One bad speech gon’ ruin the whole message
Almost OD’d tryna gather my credit (Where my credit at?)
Set my soul free if I really would let Him
Twenty years of pain feel like forty days of pourin’ rain (Noah)
Noah, if you know it, then you feel the same (Phew)
Love and fear together doesn’t correlate (Doesn’t correlate)
The Gospel givin’ everything I felt the Torah take (Takin’ it back!)
Trauma isn’t always very obvious
I’m findin’ out my childhood was haunted with accomplishments (Wow)
Lose my sense of self without applause
Insecurity is close whenever arrogance involved (When the arrogance involved)
Problems that my parents couldn’t solve
Passed down from before, gonna end with me (Me)
Had to look into the mirror and say “Let me be”
Sent a message through the tears and say “Set me free” (Free, free, free, free, free, free, free)

[Bridge 2: DJ Mykael V]
Someone once told me (Someone once told me, someone once told me)
“Good sailors (Good sailors, good sailors)
Ain’t made with calm seas” (Calm seas, calm seas)
We in the middle of a storm

[Verse 3: Mogli the Iceburg]
I can’t believe the things I’m lookin’ at
My wife cookin’ dinner for me in a brand new house
I shaved my head, so I could grow it back
Think that’s a metaphor for everything I’ve been through I’ma tell y’all ’bout
I deconstructed everything that I believe in, back to the beginning
And built it back on top of Christ arisen
I’m still agnostic on a lot, but think the journey half the point in livin’
I’m worried less about the politicin’
I’ve learned less from school than talking with my friends over drinks
I learned that money makes you happier than most people think
I learned the people you call friends can really change in a blink
I learned forgiveness more than just a sentiment that you think
I learned that just ’cause you ain’t fail, it doesn’t mean that you pass
I learned that things done in the dark come back to bite in the- uh
I learned that people trust you more after you take off the mask
“Ayo, is you a Christian rapper?” I’m so glad that you asked
I’m a imperfect complex padawan of Yeshua
Judge me by my fruit, not the market for a genre
We bringin’ meat that we gonna chew on with the rest of ya
​indie tribe back to save lives through the Father


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