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Donnie McClurkin – Encouraged

Encouraged by Donnie McClurkin

  • Artist: Donnie McClurkin
  • Song Title: Encouraged
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2022

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Donnie McClurkin Encouraged Lyrics
When I thought that I was done
Had no hope, no strength to run
Jesus said, “Come here, my son.
You have only just begun.”

He took me in just as I was
He showed me how it felt to be loved
He washed away the guilt and shame
And He called me by the name He gave

Oh, Jesus encouraged me
Saying all is not lost
He spoke life to me
Told me I can go on
When I thought it was over
Thought I’d never recover
Oh, Jesus encouraged me

Like a child who’s had a fall
I believed I’d lost it all (thought I’d lost it all)
Mislead by my own fear and doubt
Like the father He picked me up and brushed me off
Reminded me of who I was in Him

Oh, Jesus encouraged me (yes, He did)
Saying all is not lost
He spoke life to me
Saying I could go on oh now
When I thought it was over
Thought I’d never recover
When I thought it was over
Thought I’d never recover (never recover)
Jesus encouraged me

Yeah, He encouraged me (He encouraged me)
Now I can say, I’m encouraged (yes, I am), I can make it (I can make it)
Say I’m encouraged, I can make it
Jesus, I can make it through this, I can make it through the rough
I’m encouraged (I can make it), I can make it
I believe I can, I believe I can
So whatever you need, that’s where I’ll be
With you by my side, I know
Say there’s never no giving back, no turning back, no
With you by my side, my side, my side
Oh, so I just hold on, with you I’m strong
And I won’t and won’t and won’t be alone
I know I’m encouraged, yes I am
To go on, to fear there’s no way
I’m encouraged
No matter what it looks like
No matter what it feels like
I know I’m encouraged
Your [?] is a matter to live
Never to fall [?]
I’m encouraged
I know I can make it
Yeah, I can make it, I can make it, I can make it…


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