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Colony House – The Hope Inside

The Hope InsideColony House by Colony House

  • Artist: Colony House
  • Song Title: The Hope Inside
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2022

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Colony House The Hope Inside Lyrics
Running with my eyes closed
Weary flesh and bone
I can feel the fire
Burning in my lungs
Maybe there’s a reason why
My heart pounds inside my chest
Saying it’s okay to take your time
Slow it down, you just need rest
I’ve been holding on with all my might
But can hardly catch my breath
Thinking maybe it’s the hope inside
That comes alive
When it’s all we have left
Dancing with the ocean
Caught up in the tide
I can feel the motion
Pull me out to the cold and darker side
But maybe there’s a reason why
I get dragged beneath the surface
Every kick against the current
I sink down deeper and I ask myself
Is there something more than meets the eye
That makes all these troubles worth it?
Or could it be the hope inside
That comes alive
When it’s all we have left?
When it’s all we have left
It’s alright, yeah it’s okay
If this all stays the same
Old dreams will die
New dreams will grow
But I just want a hand to hold
A hand to hold
We are the flowers that are ready for rain
Waiting for the water to restore what remains
Wilted hearts harmonize together in pain
Singing hallelujah while we wait
Echoing voices from inside of the hall
Spray painted pictures on the side of the wall
Looking for meaning in the midst of it all
Are we even listening anymore?
Maybe there’s a reason why
This world spins around in circles
Like it’s giving us another try
Every sunrise to find purpose
Has it been happening all this time
Like another breath that goes unnoticed?
I’m leaving what is lost behind to find the light
‘Cause maybe it’s the hope inside
That comes alive
When it’s all we have left


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