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Chris Webby – Raw Thoughts IV

Raw Thoughts IV by Chris Webby

  • Artist: Chris Webby
  • Song Title: Raw Thoughts IV
  • Genre: Hip Hop
  • Released: 2023

Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled Raw Thoughts IV by a mulitple award winning hip hop recording artist Chris Webby

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Chris Webby Raw Thoughts IV Lyrics
Yeah, Webby
Let me talk a little shit man
Bitch you done released the Kraken
I’m up on Mount Olympus while I’m rappin’
So when the lightning strikes the waters churning, thunders crashin’
And them twisters touchin’ down like that movie with Bill Paxton
It’s me up in my studio, that’s what’s making it happen
Never doubt me, got a suit of armour big as Gronkowski
And a sword that’s even bigger, killin’ everyone around me
Swingin’ like Tasmanian Devil until I’m drowsy
Then I pop another addy and blast off like Robert Downey
Like Ironman, the kind of man that knows no one can beat me
The kind of man that’s destined to be king just ask Rafiki
The kind of man to step into the ring just like Rakishi
And make you kiss my ass on broadcast national TV
Lay the smackdown on all these whack clowns in the circus
That use to be referred to as the fuckin’ rap circuit
I’ll rap circles around these cats without scratching the surface
And make these mumble rappers step back and start actin’ nervous
And if they aren’t nervous then they don’t know what I’m sayin’
Maybe they can’t understand it with that first grade education
Maybe they too fucking high off cough suppressant medication
As they wearing skirts with a matchin’ purse while they puttin’ braids in
But that shit is just a fad and see I’m here to help to phase ’em
All the fuckin’ way out so real rappers can replace ’em
I’ll take this shit upon myself, the fans deserve better
Than some kid who lacks intelligence and puts in zero effort
I mean this shit is a job right?
And see these kids ain’t even tryin’ son
If you ran a business and they worked for you
You would fire them
So why you praisin’ them for half assin’ the shit you listen to
Not dissin’ you, I’m just asking what the fuck has gotten into you?
See you’re the consumer, and it’s your choice on what you pick into
Put up in your Spotify and spend your time siftin’ through
And you’re just givin’ bread to somebody who’s way more rich than you
Who can barely put together an english sentence in an interview
See I’m a hooligan who be truly losin’ his cool again
Who’s here to use his voice to bring the truth till I get through to them
They feed us fake news again, nobody wanna listen
It’s no fault of ours, me? See I blame the politicians
Fuck Donald, fuck Ivanka, nah for real I’ll fuck her brains out
Got her riding me up in the oval on the same couch
Billy Clinton scrubbed the cushions tryin’ wipe the stains out
‘Cause Monica just couldn’t swallow what was in her dang mouth
I’m fuckin’ wildin’, fuckin’ while I’m on that shit again
Slappin’ Rex Tillerson for tryin’ to let them drill again
Light his oil money on fire, like every bill and then they’ll put me on a list
‘Cause see you know them bitches listening
And Jeff Sessions you can suck a dick until your throat hurts
You old smurf you tryin’ take my weed, never gon’ work
I’ll be lightin’ up a doobie out on your turf
And Kid Rock, you ain’t been cool since Joe Dirt
I’m out on Scott Pruitt’s property, frackin’ it
And build a pipeline through his wooden kitchen cabinets
These scummy politicians, yo I’ve had it bitch
I’m a take a knee with Colin Kaepernick, yellin’ fuck the establishment
And Ted Cruz, your face puts me in a shitty mood
There’s so much bitch in you that you probably have a clit and boobs (uh, you’re a bitch)
And Marko Rubio: you’re soft as fuck
And Ben Carson, yo can someone wake Ben Carson up?
Fuck these Nazi’s and the white nationalists
I’ll grab that Costco tiki torch and fuckin’ smack you with it
Over and over till your skull fragments are crackin’ and shit
While the cops give them a slap on the wrist, for real though
But yo Hillary, really? You think that I wouldn’t mention you?
Just ’cause I tend to be liberal with all my general views (you’re a cunt)
But you’re an evil lady, say it ’cause I got to
I’m down to have a woman President, just not you
You Claire Underwood ass bitch, you wicked witch
Lyin’ through your fuckin’ teeth every single chance that you get (bitch)
I’m a slap her so hard that she’ll be leavin’ in a gurney
While I’m yellin’ out: Long live Bernie
Now if that segment just offended you, then please relax
We’re all on the same side, it ain’t about white or black
It’s about the one percenters versus everybody else
Us against the politicians who only helpin’ themselves
Yo, fuck it
I guess I’m just a rapper, what do I know man?
About the world, how it turns and who’s behind those plans
But still I’m all up in this bitch just like a Gyno’s hands
And while I’m here, I’m a take a stand
Raw thoughts
Fuck everybody man
As much as I joke around about things, ya know
This shit is dead serious
Fuck where this country is headed, ya know?
Who did I not mention
Oh yeah, Mike Pence, see I forgot to slay you
But really? God hates you along with every gay dude and lesbian
It’s very evident (I hate you)
That you’re a scum sucking bitch Vice President (suck a dick)
Who else?
Oh Paul Ryan, shit I hope you go rock climbin’
And your hand slips and you lose grip and you fall divin’ on to a bunch of fuckin’ dicks
You fuckin’ bitch, I hope your health insurance doesn’t cover it
Who else?
I’ll crack a coke brotha like I crack a coke can
Cremate a coke brotha then I’ll snort ’em out my hands
What bitch? Raw thoughts, he
These are my raw thoughts motherfucker
This message has been bought, paid for and forced upon you
By George Soros of Fake News Networks of America, hehe
Raw thoughts motherfucker



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