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Bryson Gray – Remnant Coming

Bryson Gray - Remnant Coming

Audio Download Remnant Coming MP3 by Bryson Gray ft Isaiah Robin & Kieran The Light Check-Out this amazing brand new single + the Lyrics of the song and the official music-video titled Remnant Coming by a Renowned and anointed Christian / Gospel singer and recording music artist Bryson Gray ft Isaiah Robin & Kieran The Light whose mission is to be a blessing many people through kingdom music.

  • Song Title: Remnant Coming
  • Artist: Bryson Gray ft Isaiah Robin & Kieran The Light
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2022
  • Duration: 03:58

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Bryson Gray Remnant Coming ft Isaiah Robin & Kieran The Light Lyrics
[Intro: Bryson Gray]
That boy Don
Oh, hah
Hol’ on, hol’ on

[Verse 1: Bryson Gray]
I don’t see the Scripture in the Bible, where you get it from?
You Christian ’til the Bible gettin’ taught, then you ain’t wit’ it, huh?
You say God is love, so that’s why you the one that wicked, huh?
When I try to show you that it’s wrath, you try to switch it, huh? (Ha)
Don’t compare me to these Christian rappers, they use God for clout
Every song, they rap about they cars, they rap about they house
Then, they say it’s all because of God and He gon’ take good count
They call out everything, but sin, oh, you so devout
But, the remnant coming, tell thеse demons they can gеt to runnin’
All these labels push demonic music, like it’s fixed or somethin’
I know why they mad, I broke the code, like it’s glyphs, or somethin’
Tell me, how you gon’ reject the blood? You must be crip or somethin’
They loud, ’til it’s ’bout the LGBT, then they get so quiet
Meanwhile, they sexualizin’ our kids, it’s time to start a riot
You say you pick God over the world, but you ain’t actin’ like it
But, we already know Yeshua war, I ‘on’t need a psychic

[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
Yeah, the remnant comin’
You know the remnant comin’

[Verse 2: Isaiah Robin]
Woo-woo, yeah!
Pulpit full of pastors, paintin’ pretty pictures
Congregation full of Christians, who don’t read the Scriptures
Oh, they call themselves Christians, but they don’t listen in
‘Cause, if they did in those churches, they would stop listenin’
(He’s gone too far)
Devil gettin’ mad, he outta pocket
Stop it, they don’t want peace, they want moshpits
Twistin’ all the words, from Paul the Apostle
Tell me how you Christian rap, if you don’t rock the gospel?
Woo, livin’ how you wanna, you die and go down under
They tell me that’s a woman, but I know that you wanna
Man, goin’ undercover, another holy summer
Pretendin’ like they someone else, just felt like Tropic Thunder
Whoa, in a desert island, that bro
Joe Biden is either sleep or hidin’
(This is not the time)
Gotta kill the beat
Shout out to my brothers, in the Middle East
‘Cause, when it came to your life for the Lord
You looked and grabbed the sword
I love you, may you rest in peace, amen
[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
Yeah, the remnant comin’
You know the remnant comin’

[Verse 3: Kieran the Light]
I feel like, I feel like everything’s a deception
Don’t need Christ, ’cause the ancestors said they should burn sage, for protection
What a selection
Let me address what nobody’s sayin’
Choos an abortion, because they too lazy
Prayin’ to Jesus, then go kill a baby
Man, it’s crazy
The Bible say the Church Christ’s bride
Then, they try to holler, “It’s my life!”
But, Jesus yellin’, “It’s my wife, y’all prostitutin!'”
Women increasin’ the size of booties
To be what they see on pornography movies
But, when I say that, they think I’m intruding
Look at the sin that yo’ life producin’
I can’t let no Jezebel seduce me
When I’m set on God, ain’t no time for Lucy
I’m obsessed with Jesus, like I’m a groupie
I let Him use me
I don’t trust the government, it’s all a hoax
The president stole all the votes
And brought the black woman in, to get the most
It’s manipulation, preposterous
I’m sorry, Kamala
I rise when I’m heated like thermometers
I’m so woke, that I don’t need pajamas, bruh
More signs than Illuminati stuffed
Tellin’ everybody, pick the Bible up
And, I know they heated when I write this stuff
It’s gon’ be overheated, when the time is up
[Chorus: Bryson Gray]
Yeah, the remnant comin’
You know the remnant comin’


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