Foreign Music Denise Lasalle – Why Am I Missing You

Denise Lasalle – Why Am I Missing You

Denise Lasalle - Why Am I Missing You

Why Am I Missing You SONG by Denise Lasalle

Now Out, Renowned Christian artist Denise Lasalle drops a new mp3 single + it’s official music video titled “Why Am I Missing You”

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Why Am I Missing You Lyrics
You know folks – usually, when you hear
Somebody say they missed somebody
Most of the times is because the nice things
That they used to do for them; things that would
Keep smile on their faces – make lay awake at nights
Wishing you could hold in your arms one more time.
But you know – life could play funny tricks on you sometimes
You see – I had to put my old man out not too long ago
As the man just got up and went crazy – started running around with
Other women – staying out all night, hanging out around casinos,
Loosing all of his money.

One day – I got tired and packed his bag
I said listen – you get your a** out of here
because – I do not need nobody to help me do bad
I can do badly by myself.

But, now I find myself wondering – am I going crazy?
You know anybody could get lonely
In the middle of the night – ya all
You get the need of somebody,
That is why I really started
Thinking about it, and I had to ask myself:

Why (why am I missing you) am I missing you? (2X).

1st Phrase:
When you first left
I thought that I would be all right
But now that you are gone
I find out that I cannot sleep at night
(Inaudible) the heart to the pillow
Soaked and wet with tears
Listing all the sweat things
That you have not done for me in years
And, I asked myself:

Repeat – Chorus:

2nd Phrase:
You go out at nights
Coming in at two or three
You are either drunk or too tired
You could not make sweat love to me
You ran around with other women
And I know it is true
So, why in the hell
Am I missing all the things you did not do?

Repeat – chorus.

3rd Phrase:
You did not give me no money
You did not have none of your own
You did not give me no time
Because that is why I was left all alone
You did not give me no respect
You did not have none for yourself
You sure did not give no sweat loving
You did not have a dump thing left
Then, I asked myself:

Why (why am I missing you) am I missing you
(Why am I missing you?) Ooh why, (why am I missing you)
Ooh baby – am I missing you (why am I missing you)
Ooh why (why am I missing you) I wonder – why am I missing you, baby
I lay awake at night sometimes asking myself
(Why am I missing you?)
Ooh honey – just why I am missing you – baby.
(Why am I missing you?)
I find myself hugging the pillow as if it is you – baby
Then, I asked myself – why am I missing you – baby
But, you were never there.

I find myself walking around the house
Staring at your pictures hanging on the wall
Then, I asked myself – why am I missing him – baby

You know – four of your mistress came to me
The other day – because they were worried about you

Willie Clayton said:
Denise what is wrong with you – you are not looking good?
I said, Willie – three people sleeping in my bed – just would not do
And somebody had to go – but in my bed I got lonely now

Then, that was when Johnny Taylor said,
Denise – I know what you need, honey
You need good loving – you need somebody
To call your own right now.

Latimore said, I came over to help you – baby
Because, I believe I could help you to straitening it out – yeah.

Tyrone said, Denise…ooh Denise baby – what can I do to help you now?
I said, if you see my man – here is what I want you to do for me
I want you to tell him – I want to change my mind – ooh baby
Please – tell him, I want so bad to change my mind for him

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