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Cory Henry – Anything 4 U

Anything 4 U SONG by

American R&B/Soul singer released a single from his latest album Tagged SOMETHING TO SAY with the song music video titled “Anything 4 U”

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Anything 4 U by Cory Henry Lyrics
There’s nothing in this world
That I won’t do

Days were merry, unbroken dreams
That’s what life was like with you
My nights are scary, but there’s light through the seams
I’ll do anything to find the truth

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I’ll climb the mountain high
Run through the valley low (run through the valley low)
I’ll reach the highest heights
There’s no place, no place that I won’t go

I’ll — I’ll do anything
anything for you (3x)

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[instrumental break]

I’ll — I’ll do anything
anything for you.

I’d climb the highest mountain
I’ll do anything, anything for you
I’d swim across the ocean

I’ll do anything
(I’ll do anything) anything for you (yes)

I’ll do anything, I’ll do anything
Anything for you

© 2020 Cory Henry

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