Foreign Music Chris Tomlin – Talk To Him

Chris Tomlin – Talk To Him

Talk To Him SONG by Ft. Russell Dickerson

American Gospel Artist and Russell Dickerson released a single with the live performance music video of the song titled “Talk To Him”

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Talk To Him BY Chris Tomlin Lyrics
A Sunday morning or a Friday night
If it’s all wrong or if it’s all alright
You can say whatever’s on your mind
You don’t even need to close your eyes

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Talk to Him, like a friend
Talk to Him, He’s listening
Talk to Him, no matter how long it’s been
Yeah, just go on, talk to Him, don’t be afraid
Talk to Him, it’s never too late
Talk to Him, yeah, this is what it means to pray
Just talk to Him

When you’re feeling like this life ain’t fair
And you start wonderin’ if He’s even there
Cus He took your daddy way too soon
The dreams you had, they all fell through
When it don’t make no sense to you
Yeah, all ya gotta do is just

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To the One who created the Heavens and Earth
Yeah, He’s always there waiting and always will be
Yeah, He made you, He knows you
He loves you, He’s for you
He already knows what you need, so just
Talk to Him, talk to Him, talk to Him

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