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Chris Morgan – I Do

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I Do SONG by

Nigerian Renowned Gospel artist and worship minister released the official music video of one of his hit song titled “I Do”

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Chris Morgan I Do Song Lyrics
I’ll do anything for you
I’ll do anything you want me to do eeh
Cos I love you more than anything
Cos I love you more than anyone
and I’ll live my life for you
No matter what it takes
I do I do I do I do yes I do
forever, forever…

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I sing because I’m free
I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’ve found true love
I sing because I know you won’t let me down
e aaa aaa

run through the hardest of times
climbed through the highest mountains
no other alternative
eeh alternative
and I will look no further (further)

yes I do I do I do
e aaa
nlu nwalu onya geno owoicho lekum ya lum eeh nlu nwalu no
nlu nwalu no nlu nwalu eeh geno nlu nwalu no
nlu nwalu onya geno nlu nwalu no
nlu nwalu oyi geno nlu nwalu no

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abun leche ta tonu aa
ga moda n’owoicho ya gam oo olohi bo yono
oye no ooo eleeh aaaa
nlu nwalu eeh geno owoicho lekun ya lum ehh nlu nwalu no abun leche ta tonu a ga moda n’owoicho yagam a
ta tonu a ga moda n’owoicho ya ga ooo
waga mo do owoicho yagam oo

nlu nwalu no am free
free at last
nlu nwalu no

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