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Agbara by Chris Johnson King

Nigerian Gospel Rapper popularly known as KING release a an amazing song titled “Agbara”

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Chris Johnson King Agbara Lyrics:
Chorus: Agbara(4ce) agbara tojagbara lo

Verse 1
Kosagbara to do bi ti jesu agbara to ju agbara lo.
Laye lorun ko sagbara to ju ti baba lo.
Dynamis, kratos,exousia,these are the greek,
Words,for power,jesus power is super indeed .
How God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and with power
The believer carries the same anointing which is the Holy Ghost and power
By believing the gospel we got the power that raised Jesus from the death
All power is given unto us in heaven and earth.
The believer can’t be powerless he is full of power everyday.
We make tremendous power available when we pray.
I pray we know the exceeding greatness of His mighty toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power which He wrought in Christ that we’ve received.
We are seated far above all principalities and power and might and dominion and every name that is named not only in this world but that which is to come.
We are in charge everyday awa lolorun gbele aye lelowo.
Satan is under my feet ko je lo so ewe agbeje mowo.

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Verse 2
Wait,why comparing God’s power to thunder?
The power we use in performing signs and wonders.
Power pass power,the power in Jesus’ name.
Must not be compared to others they are not the same.
He can do exceeding,abundantly far above all.
All that we ask or imagine,the power is above all.
Agbara olorun nla ni oun gbani o wa sibe.
Jesu yi o re bi kan agbara re wa sibe.
Agbara yi biti tatijo agbara 1930.
Jaide,tuide,lagbara olorun won le won bati.
But when God demonstrate His power it is to show love.
Not to prove a point,do evil or to show off.
This are the days of power and thy people are willing.
The anointing is presence to heal the virtue brought healing.
The lame will walk, the blind will see the dump will start speaking.
Power in the building,we never lack power in our meetings

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Verse 3
The man in Christ is more powerful than Samson.
He can move mountains,cast out demons without fasting.
God has given him power over the power of his enemies.
To thread on Sargent, scorpions and pray for his enemies.
With your power we cause wall to fall and perform miracles.
With God all things are possible,He can do the impossible.
Jesus and His disciples did a lot with the power it’s so real.
Elijah ran before Ahab to the gate of jazreel.
Where were you? When Elisha parted river Jordan?
When Kenneth Hagin used the power to replace an organ.
By strong power and mighty hand delivered He them from the land of Egypt.
The wall of Jericho fell and scattered into pieces.
The sun and the moon stood still at the command of Joshua.
Without a degree I can make decree, T. B. Joshua.
By power Arch Bishop Idahosa raised the dead.
Common bruise Satan under your feet if he’s tryna raise his head

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