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Aaron Cole – World Series

World Series SONG by ft.

American Christian HipPop artist and team up to released a song with the official music video titled “World Series”

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Aaron Cole World Series Song Lyrics
I done been through the fire
But ion smell like smoke
Grew up bumping rakim
Boy, I ain’t no joke
Sundown til the sun’s up
I been steady running up the score
I ain’t even gotta say it
They know where I’m from
You already know
I know he got his hands on me
Started business with no degree
Fresh out high school straight to the league
Satan blew a 3-1 lead

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Praise the lord
I been skating on ice
Gotta grind for my dawgs

1 down
3 more

Can’t go back now
I gotta black out
God got it mapped out
I know we had doubts
But I got angels on my side
Keep on going that’s my type
Til my momma got no sighs
I’m running on auto flight
Picasso to hate
I gotta draw the line
Don’t need money I’m lit
This my God given gift
Want my Grandma walking again
So tell me why would I quit

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