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Aaron Cole – Water 4 Me

Water 4 Me SONG by ft. ,

American Christian hip hop recording artist and , released a live performance music video titled “Water 4 Me”

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Aaron Cole Water 4 Me Song Lyrics
Forget politics and the brand
Ima just lean in his plan
All of this yours so
My gross it be gross like I’m lance
I guess I’m becoming a man
Love my family more than I love bands

They saying I make it easy
It’s a whole lot of work like I’m riri
I’m needing some attoma
They not sowing they steady want reaping
Focus like I’m on Audemar
I’m hungry so he gonna feed me
Grace leaking like nene
My girl getting on my nerves she be going crazy
She saying that I don’t meet her standards that’s how u do me baby
Family secrets got me questioning my faith and
Moms still live in a condo give it to God so you know that

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It’s water
It’s water for me
It’s water, it’s water for me

You know I bang with the clique clique
Bulls eye aim like I’m slick Rick
Been through some things I don’t trip, trip
Been through rain see the drip, drip

Bet that its water for me
We goin up iss 400 degrees
I got a baddie she fly out for me
I got the spirrrit we fly ova seas
Bet that we cruisin’ we mob don’t stop
I got the rock
And we rock, don’t stop
Water splashin’ and it go drip drip drop
Heavily lifted we cruise around drop top, uh uh
We came from the ground up
We graduated from the clay yea, yea
Don’t make a sound
Jesus speakin’ the most when u silent
God got the plan so
Imma lean in no solo
Bible on my hip, no solo
Make em leanin’ like they sippin’ out a solo

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When u see me it’s water
Going nuts of every track they start calling me carver
I need me a proverb
She gotta be hood and as smart as doctor
They said is virus
Well imma survivor
They tryna kill me ‘cause young P is a problem
45 bout to solve em
I’m not sure what they told u
All this water from whole foods
Aint no cap when I roll thru
It’s the wave lemme mold u
God knew what he was doing when I came thru
In my mentions they say p u been a handful
I been slicker than a head full of cantu
She asked how I get it out

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